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Q: How do I find tuition through you ?

A: we will be sending Whats app & or SMS to 5-7tutors at a time. We can also post some of our tuition assignments on our facebook page. If you give us a 'Like' in order to stay updated on the latest tuition assignments your chances will improve by replying us promptly.

Q: How much will be commission?

A: we take half of the first four weeks of tuition as our commission. Thereafter, full amount of tuition fees will be yours. We will be collecting our part of commission from the client directly after half of the first months lessons, and you will be collecting your fees directly from the student/parents for the remaining half month upon completion of one month worth of lessons .If the tuition does not last for minimum of four weeks, we will split the commission and transfer to you part of the commission.
Tutors in case of trying to cheat us from the agreed-upon commission will be blacklisted and we will be claiming our commission through the Tribunal of Small Claims. We may also report the matter to Police.

Q: What will be minimum commitment?

We expect that tutors are should be committed for full length as initially agreed. The minimum commitment is 1-month unless agreed upon initially contrary to it.

Q: How do I start conducting my lessons?

A: We expect that You conduct your lessons in your own preferred way, in accordance to the student’s needs in every case. We do not monitor your teaching methods. But, students/parents reserve the right to cancel the tuition at any time.

Q:Rules on cancellation/postoponing of commitment lessons?

A: Once on your giving written/verbal ( whatsapp message, email,sms) confirmation to take up the assignment , you will be expected to atleast complete minimum four weeks of lessons. If a postponement made by you that resulted in cancellation or a cancellation is made before four weeks of lessons are completed, we will blacklist you as an irresponsible tutor, and the commission will be adjusted.
Clients shall inform to you if a cancellation/ postoponement is required. If the tutor is only informed less than two hours away from the start time of the lesson, the client shall be liable to pay for the loss time and transport cost of the tutor. The amount payable will be half of one lesson and made to the tutor within a week.